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Component Resources and Accreditation

AIA Florida has compiled a step by step to process to completing your submission along with links to items from AIA Florida which may help you meet accreditation requirements available at­

2022 Component Accreditation – How to Apply

Portal opens: September 15, 2022
Deadline to submit: January 15, 2023

Download the updated Core Member Services requirements.

Listen to this webinar recording for a walkthrough of accreditation requirements and ways to make it easier:
Recording: Accreditation: How to Get it Done
NOTE: You will be asked to enter this passcode to view it: 091KX8C!

To skip to selected topics:

  • Background (00:25)
  • Advocacy (11:16)
  • Communications & outreach (14:18)
  • Education (21:26)
  • Finance & operations (28:00) (Recommended: This section has evolved the most.)
  • Governance (43:25)
  • Membership (48:07)
  • Tools & strategies (51:44)


The accreditation process asks you to demonstrate how you are delivering AIA Core Member Services. Some pointers to get you started:

  • All AIA components and mandatory sections are required to file. Voluntary Sections do not file, as their sponsoring component is responsible.
  • Choose one staff or volunteer lead, plus a collaborator. Both can work on the application. Only the lead may submit it.
  • The OpenWater portal will be familiar to those who have applied for accreditation or AIA Honors and Awards in the past.
  • To start your component’s application, use this link: (bookmarking is recommended).
  • Usually, you will provide information about component activities occurring during the calendar year 2022. In the case of tax filings, provide the tax year 2021 return.
  • If a question asks for documentation, please provide it in PDF form. Other questions will request a yes/no answer, text response, or URL.
  • As was done last year, use the accreditation questionnaire to share your 2023 officer roster (under the Governance section). Do not upload your 2023 officer roster to the database.
  • You may work on the questions in any order, save them, and return to finish at any time up to the deadline.­
  • When you hit the submit button at the end, you'll be flagged on any required fields left undone.
  • Applications are due Saturday, January 15, 2023, at 11:59pm.

­We have provided plenty of resources to assist your component in meeting the Core Member Services:

  • Go to Component Connect [ ] and log in.
  • Click the "Core Services" tab for the Core Member Services 3.0 booklet. Use that as your checklist for gathering your documentation.
  • Explore the core services topical pages for templates, samples, tools, guidance, and shortcuts that can help your component leadership team meet each of the standards. Many resources-particularly in the Finance & operations section--is brand new this year.

­Have questions? Please contact Ann Dorough ( or (202) 626 7412. And good luck!



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