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Architecture in Education

What is Architecture in Education? ­

Architecture in Education (AIE) is a STEAM-focused, Florida Standards-based educational program jointly presented by the Florida Foundation for Architecture. Florida Foundation for Architecture in Education is a joint program with The Armstrong World Industries Foundation.­AIE is a dynamic eight-week, curriculum-enrichment program that matches professional architects with classroom teachers in Florida. AIE sharpens a student’s math, social studies, art, and other core academics with real-life, project-based learning.


Florida school children in fourth and fifth grade learn about architecture, design concepts, sustainability, ecosystems, volume & measurements, and name a few! ­­Volunteer architects from the community share their experience and present tailored lessons plans that satisfy Florida Standards for math, science and social studies. ­The hands-on lessons also provide ample experience in social, presentation and team participation skills.

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How would a school get started with this program?

The first step is to contact us at (850) 222-7590 Ext. 205 or email to see if this program is right for your classroom. ­Once a school or AIA Component is ready to begin, initial meetings between local architects and school administrators is essential. ­These meetings, held about 6 weeks prior to the first lesson, help both architects and school officials understand the classroom dynamics such time retraints, curriculum units, and volunteer requirements for the different school districts.

Once days and times are determined, local architects will commit to teaching the classes for eight weeks. ­It might happen that this program overlaps semesters or 9-week periods in the curriculum. ­That's ok! ­This program simply enriches the curriculum being taught throughout 4th and 5th grades. We will work with your school and teachers to make this program successful for you and your students.

How can architects request this program in a local school?

Same as the Foundation for more information and a timeline of events to get started. ­This will help you determine how many of your architect peers should commit to the program. ­Call (850) 222-7590 Ext. 205 or email to get started today. ­Volunteers from our Tallahassee and Tampa programs will walk your group through what to expect along with a timeline of pre-program events. ­If you've never been in a classroom before, don't let that stop you! ­Children are sponges and will surprise you with their enthusiasm for learning, especially with the hands-on lesson plans included in this program!

Boca Raton Program

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Tampa Program


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