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2018 Contributors

Stephen Panzarino, AIA

Nati Soto, FAIA

Kelly Wieczorek, AIA

Raul Ocampo, AIA

Igancio Reyes, AIA

Rick Slazyk, AIA

David Corban, AIA

Pat Hoy, AIA

Monty Stark, AIA

Erika Hagan, AIA

Miyuki Tsujimura, AIA

Michael Byrd, AIA

David Stone, AIA

J.J. Scott, AIA

Lisa Hess, AIA

Linaea Floden, AIA

Lourdes Solera, FAIA

Kim Headland, AIA

Alice Schultz, AIA

Architects Design Group

Ferguson Glasgow Schuster Soto, Inc.

Ugarte & Associates, Inc.

Caldwell Associates Architects, Inc.

RG Architects, PA

Conn & Associates, Inc.

Campbell + Van Dusen Design Studio

Rick Swisher Architect Inc.

Tsao Design Group

JVB Architecture

Bay Design Associates

Jaycox Architects & Associates

Shulman & Associates

Ebert Norman Brady Architects

W Architect, PA, AIA, NCARB

Harvard Jolly, Inc.

John A. Bodziak, Architect, AIA, PA

Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, Engineers

Edward Dugger + Associates, PA

VRL Architects, Inc.

Dailey Janssen Architects

Kanthan Design Corporation

Kasper Architects & Associates

Gordon & Associates Architect, LLC

David Wearne Johnson, AIA, PA, Architect

Robert Reid Wedding Architects, Inc.

Richard Levine Consulting Services

Jeffrey Schaefer Arch/Gen Con

DPZ Partners, LLC

Sieger Suarez Architects

World Design, Inc.

Atlas Safety & Security Design Inc.

Carlos Martin Architects, Inc.

SKA Architect + Planner

MLD Architects, Inc.

Rodney Jefferson Architect

Akel, Logan & Shafer, PA

Gallo Herbert Architects


Dyehouse Comeriato Architect

Renker Eich Parks Architects

Perez & Perez Architects Planners, Inc.

Gregory John Burke Architect, PA

Basham & Lucas Design Group, Inc.

Suzanne Martinson Architects, Inc.

A/R/C Associates, Inc.

John M. Senkarik & Associates

Charlan Brock & Associates

DLR Group, Inc.

Revuelta Architecture International

R. Miller Architecture, Inc.

Slattery & Associates Architects Planners

CSJM Architects, Inc.

Hoffman Architects, PA

MHK Architecture & Planning

CPZ Architects, Inc.

Clifford M. Scholz Architects

Donofro Architects


David Michael Davenport, AIA PA

David Miller & Associates, PA

David Porter Associates Architects, Inc.

Hunton Brady Architects, PA

Kenneth R. Carlson Architect, PA

Moulton Layne, PL

Rodriguez & Quiroga Architects Chartered

Schachne Architects and Builders

Stellar Group, Inc.

Straughn Trout Architects, LLC

Sweet Sparkman Architects, Inc.

­Diaz, Carreno, Scotti & Partners Inc.

Brame Heck Architects

Fraze Design, Inc.

IMIGIRI Architects, Inc.

Kirk Curtis Mundy Hunnicutt Architects

Portuondo Perotti Architects

Seibert Architects, PA

RS&H PAC Florida

­Bullock Tice Associates, Inc.

John Howey & Associates LLC

Kent D. Hamilton, AIA, Architect

PQH Group Design, Inc.

Siebein Associates Inc.

Studio A Architecture

Florida Crown Architects, Eng & Planners

­Architect Stergas & Associates

Engel & Associates, Inc.

Gresham, Smith and Partners Tampa

Rhodes + Brito Architects

RLC Architects

Robert E. Taylor, AIA, Architect, PA

Steven J. Brisson Architect, PA

Samuels-Richter Architects Inc.

Huitt-Zollars Inc.

Leo A. Daly

Brenner & Associates Architecture, Inc.

Architectural Building Corp

Guy Peterson/OFA, Inc.

Harrell & Co Architects

HDR Architecture Inc.

­ADG Architecture, LLC

Florida Architects, Inc.

JSA Architects, PA

Rolland DelValle & Bradley, Inc.

SB Architects

Scott + Cormia Architecture & Interior Design

The Evans Group

The Lunz Group

Thor Heinrichs Architect, Inc.

Carruthers & Associates Architects, PA

Anthony Abbate Architect, PA

Architecture by Phil Kean, LLC

­Donadio & Associates Architects, PA

Gresham, Smith and Partners Miami

JAS Group Architects/Planners

Robert Britt Architect, Inc.

Rodgers Architects, LLC

Studio 2 Architecture Planning, LLC


Cohen Freedman Encinosa Architects

Harry Gandy Howle Architect & Associates

Long & Associates Engineers/Architects

Smith-McCrary Architects, Inc.

­CMC Design Group, Inc.

Architects: Lewis + Whitlock, PA

Dickerson Architects, Inc.

Studio K Architects, Inc.

­Holmes Architects

Clemens Bruns Schaub Architect

Parker/Mudgett/Smith Architects, Inc.

DAG Architects, Inc.

DeMello Architecture, Inc.

MLM-Martin Architects, Inc.

MRI Architectural Group, Inc.

Plisko Architecture, PA

KMBA Architecture Planning Design

M.C. Harry & Associates

Affiniti Architects, PA

Blivas Fiala and Rowe, Chartered

Bruce D. Vander Wiele Architect, Inc.

Cotner Associates, Inc.

Giller & Giller, Inc.

The Haskell Company

Hicks Nation Architects, Inc.

Larry Candela Architect, LLC

Pacheco Martinez & Associates

SchenkelShultz Architecture

Elliott Marshall Innes, PA

Zyscovich Architects

Gurri Matute, PA

KTH Architects

Davis & Associates

­Andrea Clark Brown Architects, PA

Canin Associates

Castellanos + Tramonte Architects

Donnelly Architecture

Hepner Architects, Inc.

HKS Architects, Inc. - Tampa

KP Studio Architect, PA

Lars W Young, Inc.

Moor, Baker & Associates Architects, PA

Pendleton + Bowman, Inc.

Smith Architects, PA


Carl Abbott, FAIA Architect/Planner, PA

Hafner-Ferlita Architects, Inc.

Clawson Architects, LLP

Kenneth Smith Architects, Inc.

Marc Wiener, AIA

SR Architects, PA

Jeremy K. Walter Architects, LLC

Octavio A. Santurio, PA, Architect

Ai Collaborative, Inc.

Banov Architects, PA

Frederick Lee Vyverberg Architect

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas & Co

Peacock + Lewis Architects + Planners LLC

Robert M. Swedroe, AIA, PA

Rogers & Sark Consulting, Inc.

STA Architectural Group

James Archer Architect, P.A.

Joiner Architecture, LLC

­Glavovic Studio, Inc.

GLG Architects

Hall Architects, PA

Ranon & Partners, Inc., Architects

Architectural Dimensions, PA

Architectural Studio, Inc.

Cooper Johnson Smith Architects, Inc.

Fleischman-Garcia Architects

HKS Orlando

Moore 2 Design, LLC

Sotolongo Salman Henderson Architects

AgeWave Solutions, Inc.

Julio Ripoll, Architect

DC Architects, Inc.

LanMar Design Group, LLC

Iaa Design Associates

Mark Macco Architects

Mummaw & Associates, Inc.

Ruben Juan Pujol, Architect, AIA

Beebe Design Studio Architect


­Burt Hill/Pollock Kreig Architects, Inc.

Forefront Architecture & Engineering

Mateu Architecture, Inc.

Richard Jones Architecture, Inc.

Saltz Michelson Architects

Arcwerks, Inc.

Gershen Associates, PA

Inter-Plan, Inc.

Jeff Prescott & Associates

Landera Associates, PA

LCA Architecture, Inc.

Little Diversified Architecture Consulting

Livestone Consulting, Inc.

Raymond & Associates, PA, Architects/Planners

Wilder Architecture, Inc.

AW Architects, Inc.

Bert Thomas Architects

Colestock & Muir Architects, PA

Connors Design Group, LLC

Edlund Dritenbas & Binkley Architects, PA

Frank Costoya Architect, PA

R. Dean Scott Architect, Inc.

Smith Architectural Group, Inc.

Barnett Fronczak Barlowe & Shuler Architects

Dorsky + Yue International, LLC

GMA Architects & Planners, LLC

Martinez Alvarez Urban Design Architecture & Interior Design, Inc.


Song and Associates, Inc.

Caribeno Architectural Group, Inc.

Skinner Vignola McLean, Inc.

Hansen Associates Architecture Design, PA

Henry Norris & Associates, Inc.


EoA Group

Hoyt Architects

Steven E. Hutchins Architects, Inc.

Geshay Associates, Inc.

John Forbes Inc.

Donahue Architecture and Design

Holeman Group, Inc.

Jonathan L. Titus, AIA, Architect

McCree Architects & Engineers

Raul Ocampo & Associates

Richard Skinner & Associates, P.L.

ArchitecturePlus International, Inc.

JRA Architects, Inc.

Yoshino Architecture, PA

Rowe Architects Incorporated

Bruce A. Cutler Architect, PL

John Poe Architects, LLC - Tampa

Carlos Diaz & Associates Architects, PA

ACAI Associates, Inc.

Mazas Pantazes Architecture & Design

Process Architecture

C.T. Hsu & Associates, PA

Stephen L. Boruff, AIA Architects + Planners, Inc.

Open Workshop for Architecture + Design

R.J. Heisenbottle Architects, P.A.

Demandt Architecture, P.A.

The Rickman Partnership Inc.

­Mason Blau & Associates, Inc.

RLF Architects

NXG Studio, Inc.

Jason P. Tramonte Architect, Inc.

John Richard Medina & Associates

MODIS Architects, LLC

WJ Weeks Architecture, LLC

BSSW Architects, Inc.

Beilinson Gomez Architects, PA

Pioneer Architecture

REG Architecture, Inc.

N2 Architecture & Design, Inc.

Architects Unlimited

Preschel Architecture Studio

Robbins Design Studio

D'Asign Source, LLC

Bennett Shuman, AIA, Architect

Nyarko Architectural Group, Inc.

Philip Spann and Associates, Inc.

Sharp Design Studio LLC

Nasrallah Architectural Group

Innovative Group, Inc.

Ivy Group Consultants, Inc.


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