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Self Report Form

To be eligible for credit, self-reported activities must be planned educational activities that provide you with new knowledge that can be applied toward the practice of architecture.­ Members should complete the online AIA/CES Self-Report Form. You will need your AIA membership number to login.

Members must now indicate whether the activity they are reporting is self-designed or a structured self-reported program:

Self-Designed Activity:
This type of learning activity is organized by the member specifically to meet his or her individual needs.­ A self-designed activity frequently involves more than one type of medium or method, such as research, reading, interviewing subject experts, listening to audiotapes, and/or viewing videos.­ To determine what qualifies for self-reporting, ask yourself the following questions: (1) is this a planned learning activity?­ (2) Is this activity intended to be educational and operational?­ (3) Are you acquiring new knowledge or are you sharing your knowledge with others?­ (4) How will you apply this new knowledge to your practice?­ This method is not acceptable for HSW credit.

Structured Self-Reported Program:
This is a structured activity offered by an organized, third party, non-CES provider.­ Documentation of attendance/participation will usually be required as a supplement when reporting this activity to meet a state licensure requirement.­ For members who self-report a structured activity, the AIA is not able to assist in acquiring any support documentation that may be required by a state licensing board MCE audit.


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